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Basic system

The strength and stability of companies in the market require a strong accounting system that helps to develop and achieve sales.This issue is suitable for small and medium companies, through which the movement of customers and suppliers and the movement of warehouses are fully monitored with the recording of the movement of cash, checks, expenses, revenues and a wide range of detailed and aggregate reports.                                                                          

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One of the best accounting programs that serve commercial, industrial and service companies where the basis for the extraction of financial statements such as the budget and income statement and the financial position list
Where an accounting guide is created in a tree without a maximum and is linked to cost centers with the establishment of an estimated budget for the beginning of work and the possibility of comparing them in the future with the actual budget

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Is a professionally designed program to suit the needs of the cashier in terms of speed performance and ease of data entry screens appear comfortably for use help cashier to work better .




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One of the strongest programs for restaurants and cafes, which is the follow-up of the sales movement and internal supplies of the requests in a simplified and professional and follow-up movement of deliveries and deliveries and inventory accurate daily inventory with the printing of daily reports of the closure of the daily accounting and cashiers and transfers between the kitchen and internal sections.

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Fits with government and private companies in the field of contracting where the implementation cycle of projects is prepared from the beginning of tenders and practices and follow-up contractors and abstracts and the movement of deliveries to sites and follow-up stages of implementation with the extraction of reports needed to follow up the work.                                                                               

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CompuMaster’s manufacturing program is the ideal direction to follow the production movement accurately and flexible, where the procurement of raw materials is recorded and distributed to the raw materials stores and follow-up stages of production and follow-up movement of the storage of the sections and calculate the actual cost of the items produced.                                          

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One of the most important programs needed by companies and factories to establish a strong basis for human resources management, where the development of institutions and the pursuit of the best requires a professional system for the management of employees in a simple, flexible and accurate helps to work in an organized environment.

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CRM System

A customer management program in which customers are followed between all sections of the company to ensure good communication with customers and build confidence and help convert potential customers to actual customers .


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Program designed for maintenance centers of all kinds, such as cars, watches and electrical appliances, where the follow-up of spare parts in stores and record the movement of work in an orderly manner.


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Installment program from CompuMaster is an ideal solution for companies whose sales are based on installments where the customer’s data and sales movement is recorded installment and registration of installments and follow-up collection dates accurately.                                           

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Currencies & Import costs

One of the most difficult challenges for importers is to follow the import movement of the items and record all the expenses related to the import process.


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Sales Commission

The program helps delegates in linking all movements with delegates and follow-up movement of delegates and their line and extract reports
This helps to establish a tight system in the distribution of market share of sales to the delegates (distribution boards).

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Ecommerce Website

Compu Master creates E-commerce websites and connects them with the professional accountant program. And help companies to enter the world of trade and services provided through the Internet. Providing assistance services at the highest level




The company has recently implemented applications for commercial websites on Google and linked these applications with the professional accountant program. Almohaseb Almohtaref. This saves time and effort on customers and ensures good control over operations.                                     


Electronic Invoice

In the recent period, the tax system has developed and the electronic invoice will be applied to most companies. Therefore, the company has provided ideal and highly efficient solutions to serve companies and link with the tax system. 


Compu Master Products

Compu Master attends to your needs and provides you with different products ERP, HR, POS, E-Invoice, CRM, E-Commerce, and more service.


ERP System

Compu Master attends to your needs and provides you with different products ERP, HR, POS, E-Invoice, CRM, E-Commerce, and more . Almohaseb Almohtaref system for enterprise resource planning is a distinctive system that helps you manage all departments of the company as it allows recording all data related to the different departments such as warehouse management, sales, purchases .. etc.,
On a unified database that allows easy control, follow-up, extract reports, and transfer of information between different departments.
Our system covers all of the following functions:
• Final Accounts
• Inventory Management
• Branch management
• purchase management
• Sales Administration
• Human Resource Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Manage receipts and payments

HR System

Almohaseb Almohtaref system for Human Resources Management, is a comprehensive system specialized in managing, organizing, and monitoring everything related to the workforce within the company, In terms of wages, appointments, bonuses, discounts, attendance and leaving, and managing working hours in order to provide an accurate follow-up system for employees.
And at the same time, it performs the process of linking with all other systems of the facility Such as managing payments, receipts, and managing bank accounts.
The human resource management program contains many functions for example:
• Salary Calculation
• Calculation (Deductions – Allowances)
• Divide the salary disbursement into (bank – fund)
• Disbursing and collecting advances
• Attendance, departure, delays, and vacations
• The possibility of the employee’s signature to attend or leave, from outside the company using a mobile phone
• Direct connection to machines, attendance, and departure
• The process of calculating salaries for thousands of employees in minutes
• Calculation of social insurance rates
• Calculating leave balance for employees


POS Management System

Point of sale program in Compu Master is an accounting system that facilitates the process of buying and selling, in all commercial activities, and saving time and effort, in order to manage shops, to know sales, and reports on progress,
In managing store chains, with a direct linkage to the warehouse system.
The program contains many inputs, and reports, for example:
Recording cash sales transactions.
• Registration of sales transactions with a visa.
• Recording sales transactions “Delivery Services“.
• Recording sales returns.
• Recording booking transactions.
• The possibility of separating cashier shifts.
• Direct linkage with the warehouse system, and reviewing the daily movements of the stock.
• Deficit and surplus reports for each cashier
• Uncollected sales reports, from each cashier separately
• Reports of all the collections of all cashiers.
• Determine the names and data of the cashiers.

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant management system, from Compu Master provides a variety of services and tools
that covers all the needs of restaurant management and then integrates all these features into a comprehensive and dynamic program.

Restaurant Management Software Specifications and Functions:
• Divide the requests into delivery Takeaway and hall.
• The request can be registered very easily and quickly.
• Appearance of the request to the service provider.
• Monitoring the status of requests.
• Follow the tables with ease, where you can book or merge and other characteristics.
• Helps to follow the halls with ease.
• The ability to book specific appointments for a specific client on a specific date.
• Follow up the payment process, with the possibility of accepting payment from the customer through many payment methods.
• The system provides many different powers for the users.
• The system provides many reports and statistics.


Workshop Management Systems

The program of car service and maintenance centers is designed specifically for the financial and accounting management, of all departments of the various service centers.
Car maintenance system features:
Make a file for each car, showing the car’s data.
Opening a work order for the car, its condition, and the required maintenance.
• Registration of spare parts and manufactures
• Dividing the invoice value according to the percentage of loading, between the customer and the insurance company.
• Issuing the invoice in the name of the customer or the insurance company.
• The possibility of issuing explanatory reports, whether according to the technical name of the supervisor, maintenance, or delivery management.
• Extracting reports of previous dates for car maintenance.
• Detailed reports for each work order, with the value of spare parts, workmanship, cost, and profitability.
• The possibility of opening a return order for maintenance.


Compu master Company provides an electronic invoice service through its programs (Almohaseb Almohtaref – Promaster) which sends the company’s invoices to the Tax Authority’s website in a manner that fulfills the conditions required by the Egyptian Tax Authority.
• Sending sales invoices and the return and return of the invoices to the ETA electronic invoice portal.
• Import sales invoices from Excel
• The system contains a template for the required data according to the rules of the ETA electronic invoice portal.
• The ability to import data from any ERP accounting program such as (Oracle, SAP, ODO, SQL, Access, Other).
• Coding the items through the program with ease and matching them according to the coding system followed within the system whether GS1 or EGS.

• The system contains all the data related to tax abbreviations codes which are fully established with regard to (items units, country data, currencies).
• The possibility of reviewing invoices before sending them according to the standards of the Tax Authority
And the emergence of messages with problems that could impede transmission.
• The possibility of adding more than one type of tax to each invoice independently.
• The possibility of making a discount for each product, in the invoice independently.
• Supports sending electronically signed invoices and making sure that each invoice is accepted by the ETA portal).
• Verify the approval of the electronic invoice with the Tax Authority and keep the UUID number on the system.
• Knowing the status of sent invoices (Valid, Invalid, Submitted, Rejected)
• The ability to print the electronic invoice. PDF
• The possibility of canceling the invoices sent after their issuance in accordance with the specific rules for that.

الفاتورة الالكترونية

CRM . Customer Relationship Management

Compu master is one of the best Egyptian companies providing CRM solutions for companies in the Egyptian market
CRM solutions allow you, the opportunity to deal with a large number of sales processes and communicate with customers before during the sale and even after the sale, and this allows you to understand the customer mindset and the strength of your sales team, and chart a professional sales cycle by capturing data The main of the best former clients and the work of a database with constantly updated, This allows you to identify the most likely and qualified customers to buy later based on the data and this facilitates the process of assigning customers to your sales team while following up on potential customers to buy later to achieve returns from them in the future.


Companies face daunting challenges in marketing their products. Also, to increase and develop its profits and open new markets,
Therefore, Compumaster’s solution was to provide mobile applications and e-commerce platforms
In addition to linking applications with financial management and stores, to help you spread and expand in the labor market.
Compu Master team is available to support you and improve your performance through (mobile applications – websites) and determine the best ways to host e-commerce and help you provide a great and easy experience.


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