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The training department is the department specialized in training clients on the Almohaseb Almohtaref  program and through a plan prepared and organized by the company's management to achieve the highest quality in explaining the program and make sure that the training of clients well trained to ensure the client started operating properly.

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Maintenance & Networks

The maintenance department communicates with the customer after the purchase
 It is a team of professional maintenance engineers and trained at the highest level to deal with computers, networks and software
 The specialist reviews from the maintenance department of the client devices and maintenance and processing and then download copies of the program for the first time or subsequent times if required
 Maintenance engineers provide this service to CompuMaster customers via the Internet or through field visits to the customer if required.

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Customer service

Technical Support Department is the specialized section of the program of Almohaseb Almohtaref  from the accounting and technical point of view. It examines the client's needs and accounting requests and reconciles solutions to them from the professional accountant program and makes annual updates or closures all specialists in the technical support department are accountants trained at the highest level of training and professionalism for all customers, a free support period varies depending on the version.

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