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Compu Master launched the first version of its program (Almohaseb Almohtaref system) in 1996

Which has helped many companies succeed and develop their business through its efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use Where it was the focus of the company to achieve more continuous successes Since this date and until now, the company has achieved many achievements that have supported our customers in their successes This was done by analyzing customer needs and requirements to provide the customer’s with many smart solutions, applications, and administrative and accounting systems that are easy and flexible to support them in the success of commercial activities. Through those achievements that contributed to the success of our clients, the company had the largest share of the market share of clients in Egypt and the middle east.

Why use the Almohaseb Almohtaref accountant program from Compu Master?

  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Staff Expertise.
  • +26 years exp.
  • Quality Policy.
  • The best-seller in the market.
  • High-Level Security.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in providing the most reliable integrated solutions in Egypt, the Middle East and to be a permanent success partner for companies and institutions by providing them with advanced and integrated solutions that support them in their success.

Compu Master was selecting the most skilled cadres and employees only, but also sought to use the latest software methods and keep pace with the renewed and accelerating technological development.

At the same time, the company maintained the attraction of professors specialized in all branches of accounting to ensure the depth of accounting analysis and the abundance of information and ideas.

Compu Master maintained the application of the concept of specialization in the functional cadres because this supports the creativity of the employees and their full understanding of the smallest details that achieve the company’s goals and serve the customers.


Compu Master one of Egyptian leaders in the Technology age by building the unique business solution and sustaining long lasting business relationships with clients and partners through the continuous delivery of updated products and services that surprise and delight our customers.


Compu Master is one of the Egyptian leaders in the Technology age by building unique business solutions and sustaining long-lasting business relationships with clients and partners through the continuous delivery of updated products and services that surprise and delight our customers.

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The training department is the department specialized in training clients on the Almohaseb Almohtaref program and through a plan prepared and organized by the company's management to achieve the highest quality in explaining the program and make sure that the training of clients well trained to ensure the client started operating properly.


Customer service

Technical Support Department is the specialized section of the program of professional accountant software from the accounting and technical point of view. It examines the client's needs and accounting requests and reconciles solutions to them from the professional accountant program and makes annual updates or closures All specialists in the technical support department are accountants trained at the highest level of training and professionalism For all customers, a free support period varies depending on the version.

Maintenance & Networks

The maintenance department communicates with the customer after the purchase It is a team of professional maintenance engineers and trained at the highest level to deal with computers, networks and software The specialist reviews from the maintenance department of the client devices and maintenance and processing and then download copies of the program for the first time or subsequent times if required Maintenance engineers provide this service to CompuMaster customers via the Internet or through field visits to the customer if required.

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