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The training department is the department specialized in training clients in the professional accountant program, so the company has prepared various plans to achieve the highest levels of quality. Starting with explaining the program and making sure that the training of customers is done in an excellent manner, thus ensuring that the program runs correctly. In short, the training department is responsible for actually running the client on the program, and following up on this operation.

Above all else, the training department in the company is one of the departments that are always eager to start training clients, at the client’s headquarters or its various branches, and implement training plans according to the number of employees, their distribution to places, and also the extent to which the trainees are specialized in accounts or not. After that, follow up on the operation of customers and ensure that work is progressing according to the set plans.

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Training on the use of the accounting program is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of operation, and thus helps employees in the speed of the flow of financial and accounting information correctly and effectively. It also helps the company’s management in achieving its goals and making decisions quickly. Therefore, training is very important in the operation of clients.

It is no secret to anyone that there are different technical and accounting levels of the different job cadres of the employees.
Therefore, the company has set many plans and standards through which the training team can measure the different technical levels of the trainees, in addition to advancing the technical level of each trainee to ensure the efficiency of the accounting work of the client company.

Compu Master always asks the training staff to ensure full cooperation with the trained employees of the clients, and for the training team to provide all the accounting and technical information to the trainees, in order to ensure their ability to operate the program correctly and raise the efficiency of the facility.


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