Who we are ?

CompuMaster (Business Solutions) is one of the leading companies in the software industry in Egypt and the Arab world. Our companies is a Flexible and smart to serve its customers in various commercial, industrial and service activities. This helped drive development and made to the company the largest share of the market share of customers in Egypt and the Arab world.


The professional accounting program is the most famous and most powerful accounting software used by the major institutions and companies in Egypt and the Arab world


In pursuit of our vision, the Company's Board of Directors has adopted several principles
Development :
CompuMaster not only chose the most talented cadres and employees, but sought to use the latest software methods and keep pace with the renewed and accelerated technological development.
At the same time, the company has continued to attract specialized professors in all branches of accounting to ensure the depth of accounting analysis and the abundance of information and ideas.
Specialization :
The company has maintained the application of the concept of specialization in cadres because this supports the creativity of employees and a full understanding of the finer details that achieve the objectives of the company and serve customers.


Provide packages of integrated accounting solutions for companies and maintain the highest standards of quality performance in the service and customer satisfaction