These are most of the systems produced by CompuMaster . This is not all things. there is much more and many other additions.

Basic system

The strength and stability of companies in the market require a strong accounting system that helps to develop and achieve sales.This issue is suitable for small and medium companies, through which the movement of customers and suppliers and the movement of warehouses are fully monitored with the recording of the movement of cash, checks, expenses, revenues and a wide range of detailed and aggregate reports.

Basic Online Services


One of the best accounting programs that serve commercial, industrial and service companies where the basis for the extraction of financial statements such as the budget and income statement and the financial position list
Where an accounting guide is created in a tree without a maximum and is linked to cost centers with the establishment of an estimated budget for the beginning of work and the possibility of comparing them in the future with the actual budget 


Is a professionally designed program to suit the needs of the cashier in terms of speed performance and ease of data entry screens appear comfortably for use help cashier to work better



One of the strongest programs for restaurants and cafes, which is the follow-up of the sales movement and internal supplies of the requests in a simplified and professional and follow-up movement of deliveries and deliveries and inventory accurate daily inventory with the printing of daily reports of the closure of the daily accounting and cashiers and transfers between the kitchen and internal sections


Fits with government and private companies in the field of contracting where the implementation cycle of projects is prepared from the beginning of tenders and practices and follow-up contractors and abstracts and the movement of deliveries to sites and follow-up stages of implementation with the extraction of reports needed to follow up the work


CompuMaster’s manufacturing program is the ideal direction to follow the production movement accurately and flexible, where the procurement of raw materials is recorded and distributed to the raw materials stores and follow-up stages of production and follow-up movement of the storage of the sections and calculate the actual cost of the items produced.

Extra Online Services


One of the most important programs needed by companies and factories to establish a strong basis for human resources management, where the development of institutions and the pursuit of the best requires a professional system for the management of employees in a simple, flexible and accurate helps to work in an organized environment

CRM System

A customer management program in which customers are followed between all sections of the company to ensure good communication with customers and build confidence and help convert potential customers to actual customers .


Program designed for maintenance centers of all kinds, such as cars, watches and electrical appliances, where the follow-up of spare parts in stores and record the movement of work in an orderly manner


Installment program from CompuMaster is an ideal solution for companies whose sales are based on installments where the customer’s data and sales movement is recorded installment and registration of installments and follow-up collection dates accurately.

Currencies & Import costs

One of the most difficult challenges for importers is to follow the import movement of the items and record all the expenses related to the import process.

Sales Commission

The program helps delegates in linking all movements with delegates and follow-up movement of delegates and their line and extract reports
This helps to establish a tight system in the distribution of market share of sales to the delegates (distribution boards).

Ecommerce Website

Compu Master creates E-commerce websites and connects them with the professional accountant program. And help companies to enter the world of trade and services provided through the Internet. Providing assistance services at the highest level


The company has recently implemented applications for commercial websites on Google and linked these applications with the professional accountant program. Almohaseb Almohtaref. This saves time and effort on customers and ensures good control over operations

Electronic Invoice

In the recent period, the tax system has developed and the electronic invoice will be applied to most companies. Therefore, the company has provided ideal and highly efficient solutions to serve companies and link with the tax system